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Vivaldi's Venice

Season 2016-2017
06 / 11 / 2016 20:00
Assumption's Church - Església's Place
La Vila Joiosa, Valencian Country

2n Early Music Festival "La Vila del Joy, in La Vila Joiosa (Valencian Country).

Program devoted to the virtuosos of the Venetian concerts of the first half of the 18th century with Antonio Vivaldi, “il Prette Rosso”, as a central figure. Along with the luminosity and happiness of the concertos for oboe, violin and organ of Vivaldi, we present works of two composers who similarly developed part of their career in Venice: Alessandro Marcello with his well-known concert for oboe in D minor, used by Enrico Maria Salerno in his movie “Anonimo Veneziano” in 1970; And a splendid concert for organ by Georg Friederic Händel, who also premiered different works in the capital of Veneto, in those time knowed as the Serenissima Reppublica di San Marco or Venezia.


Dani Espasa, organ and direction

Pere Saragossa, oboe

Farran Sylvan James, violin

Josep Martínez, violin

Kathleen Leidig, violin

Elizabeth Gex, alto

Hannah Freienstein, cello

Mario Lisarde, double bass

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